a warm winter, part two


we got lost in brisbane city for over an hour, with alba sobbing and no where to stop. we tiredly argued over directions. when we did eventually find our way to georgia and errol’s new home, things became a lot brighter. alba was happy to be out of her seat and we didn’t feel tired any more.

in the brizuela’s house we felt at home the moment we were inside. within a few minutes of lying on the bed in the spare room (made with beautiful big windows, wooden floors and high ceilings) i began fantasizing about living there. the yard was big and wild and m’s mind swam with the possibilities.

in private i told m about my thoughts and he said i should keep them quiet for now. that if it was even a possibility then we didn’t want to push it. but then they started joking about us moving in and it was obvious they were secretly and excitedly hoping we’d say yes.

georgia is kind of like my misplaced twin. it is so unusual to find someone who i can be myself with and i guess that is why i don’t have many close friends. when i’m with her i feel like i’m in school again and it’s lunchtime; i’m carefree and she makes me laugh til my sides hurt.

i remember the first time i found her blog and i got lost. i’d never seen such a beautiful mama blog that so closely mirrored my own values. i became so obsessed and inspired that i spent a long time carefully wording a message to her (thinking ‘keep it cool nirrimi, you don’t want to sound like some crazy fan’). she replied that she knew and loved my work and i near fainted.

one night we caught a bus into the city. the streets were packed with people around to watch the city being lit on fire (with light shows). we wandered over a bridge above a river, me with alba in the ergo on my back and georgia childless. we walked for hours and a love stirred in me for this city. so similar to melbourne and sydney but more humble, more home.

the buses were no longer going so we got gelato and walked back. when we reached our street possums were skipping across the power lines above us and the trees sprouted new life from the tips of their branches.

on one morning we all piled into errol’s car to go to the festival of flowers in toowoomba. two of my young cousins waved at us from a train float in the parade. alba glowed under the sun. we stopped by my grandparent’s home on the drive back and came out with arms full of organic, homegrown produce, and m even had some plant cuttings for the new garden he and errol had already started planning.

again, we had to leave. m drove our car back to the mountains (anxious to check on his veggie garden) and a few days later alba and i flew back to sydney. it is miserably cold and we are all sick, but there is a growing joy in our hearts for the next chapter of our lives. it will hurt to leave the place we conceived and birthed alba, to leave our first real house, but it’s in our blood to keep moving, always, onto better places.



October 2012

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  4. Claudia

    you have the most beautiful pictures, blog and family. many blessings on your next life adventure. Claudia

  5. mona

    these photos are so beautiful.
    don’t know how to follow..
    it doesn’t work..
    greeting mona

  6. Sophie


    I visit your blog regularly and absolutely love reading your posts. You have such a way with words, and your daughter is beautiful. Take care x

  7. Jasmine and Talia's mum

    you have such a lovely blog, your words are so inspiring and you take amazing pictures, I always love visiting your space here. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Janina

    Nirrimi, you always really inspire me. Thank you!
    Your photos are absolutely stunning.

  9. Sarabell

    Oh goodness, I love it! I love all of them, but especially the bubbles on the water! I am expecting now, due in May, and just cannot wait to take our baby on so many adventures!

  10. annie

    Hi NIrrimi ,you have so many fans including me and.i was wondering why you do not reply to anything.I think it is so disrespectful for if you did not have fans you wouldnt have support or exposure and you wouldnt have a job and wouldnt have the money you happly spend.My challenge to you is to reply and be thankful ,hope to hear feedback from you.

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  12. Gabriela Blandy

    This is absolutely stunning. I came here through a link on another blog and I’m so glad. I feel like I’ve had an experience of the true magic of life. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Sophie

    I mean this positively but I feel like I’m reading a children’s story book reading your post… It’s beautiful and soothing and I want to keep reading and reading. Please keep writing and taking beautiful pictures of your beautiful life. You’ve even made me sound more poetic! Sophie x


  14. Gao

    You can tell I am new to your blog…reading further, that appears to be a friend’s daughter…but nevertheless, beautiful!

  15. Gao

    Hi. I found your blog through the Sling Dairies of Marvelous Kiddo. It’s a beautiful blog, and you’ve got a beautiful family. The reason I am commenting is the dress in the 3rd photo. I am Hmong and that skirt is one part of a traditional costume outfit that my culture wears during our Hmong New Year celebrations. I live in the USA, and it’s very rare to see those skirts worn among my culture now, but nevertheless, it’s still beautiful when I see it in pictures. The original skirts sadly, are hardly made anymore because the fabrics were too heavy, and the demand for the lighter fabric versions are now preferred. I am very happy to see that your daughter is wearing that skirt…:)

  16. Valen Hunter

    I didn’t know that people like you existed! I wish there were more so that I could know them. You see the world in a different light and you make the bad just as beautiful as the good. I’m so glad you are you!

  17. Nadeena Aisha

    I always enjoy reading your entries. You have not just talent with your camera, but also with the written word. i look forward to reading about your adventures as you and your family move to your next adventure. always inspirational.

  18. Olivia

    Sounds like you had a lovely time. When I read this post I felt like I was there. Thank you for that x

  19. Ruby

    I check your blog religiously nirrimi, and am never disappointed with your posts.
    thank you for being an inspiration!

  20. Lena

    I love, love, love your Blog. The pictures are sooooooo amazing, beautiful. I really like all of them…Greetings Lena

  21. Etta


    i refound your wonderful blog recently and i’m truly amazed! last time i was watching your pictures you’re about to tell you’re pregnant. now you’ve one of the cutest babies i’ve ever seen! i admire your way of living and how you document your life in such a beautiful way. i wish you all the best! warm greeting from chile! – etta

  22. indie belle

    awwn i love the photos of little Alba wearing that flower hairband. so cute.

    i admire the way you live, always moving from one place to another, living new adventures :)

    stella xo

  23. Janna

    Well, since you kind of confessed being a crazy fan, I think we have all got a little hope… Maybe I should think about writing you a long, deep letter (actually e-mail, but letter sounds better..)! I am certainly not a crazy fan, by the way. 😉
    This was, once again, beautiful, Nirrimi! And I love Georgia’s blog too.

  24. Lianna

    What is the link to Georgia’s blog? I would love to read it!


  25. Marta Cabral

    Like I said, you guys are blessed. I love your words, combining perfectly with the images. Alba is turning out to be a gorgeous baby, look at her little teeth! haha I wish you guys the best! An please, be aware that hundreds of people are praying for you =)

    With Love
    Marta, from Portugal

  26. Hannah

    Beautiful photos of Alba, her eyes are so happy.
    Glad you got to the Carnival of Flowers! My Nan lives there, and I couldn’t stop taking photos of the flowers, so I am surprised you haven’t got any here!

  27. Cheyenne

    Your photos are stunning, they always inspire me to go out some more and capture the moment.
    Enjoy your time with Georgia, it’s great having a friend like that and of course it’s always a special moment meeting up again with family.

  28. megan

    i admire the way you and Matt listen to your hearts and let your life unfold the way it’s supposed to. you don’t force something that isn’t meant to be, or prevent life from revealing itself to you the way you’re meant to receive it. even in the hard moments, you seem to take it in stride- a necessary occurrence for you to learn from. don’t ever stop writing- you do it so well.

  29. kimi

    alba is so adorable! it makes my heart sing! I am so happy you are happy. best of luck for the next wonderful chapter of your lives <3

  30. LJ

    I love reading your blog… and your pictures are breathtaking. Funny, I was in Brisbane for Riverfire, strange to think I could have walked past you all!

  31. Sarina

    omg i wanna run around in those see through water balls!! oh and the photo above it of the brunette girl looking to Alba’s face and Alba touching her in curiosity is adorable.

  32. Kendall Oliveri

    I just love following Georgis’s blog! I love the way she looks at life so simply! I follow her and Errol on Instagram! I just think they are such good, earthy and loveable people! Enjoy your time with them………it goes so quickly…. Alba will enjoy having a big sister and brother to fuss over her! Xxc

  33. Paula

    Oh, I agree about how lovely Brisbane is! My partner is from the Sunshine Coast & we regularly visit Brisbane & its surrounds. Whenever we’re there I say how I wish we could stay, but unfortunately his situation has us stuck in Melbourne.

  34. Rhiannon

    Having recently found Georgia’s blog myself, I can see just why you reached out to her. Enjoy your time being with both her family and your own x

  35. Bonnie Tiller Roberts

    I grew up in North Queensland. Townsville, actually. It was a wonderful place to spend my childhood. So many hazy, sun-filled days; everything was always bright and warm and real, and very much home. We’d take the dogs to the beach, walk places barefoot, visit the markets, camp on the Island, and do road trips up into the rainforest village, Paluma. Queensland is so very beautiful; I’m sure Alba will love it :~)

  36. Elenore Bendel Zahn

    Ahhhhw – Happy Sigh! I am so wildly excited for you all! Those amazing soul-filled meetings sure are rare. You will have a wonderful adventure I’m certain! Looking forward to meeting you ALL <3

    Big Love 😉 from Sweden /Elenore

  37. Megs

    I will miss hearing about your stories in the mountains, and I will miss the lovely photos. At the same time, a new town promises new adventures. I am excited for your family and wish you the best in your move.

    I hope whoever may move to your house in the mountains will appreciate and take care of your garden as well as Matt.

  38. Melanie

    Aww these newest posts are lovely! I’m excited for you to move to Brisbane! I have lived/visited many places and Brisbane is the one place that feels like home. I feel like i’m always going to be safe here in Brisbane and one day i will start my own family here knowing they will feel at home and safe too. Good luck with the next chapter in your life, i know you will enjoy it :) x

  39. Mia

    your photo’s just make me tear up..they capture the most simple and yet most beautiful moments of life!

  40. Sarah

    Nirrimi your blogs are always so heartfelt and beautiful.. you inspire me in so many ways!

  41. Alicia

    You are so so inspirational. I love your writing and your photographs. <3

  42. Michelle

    Aww I love this! ^0^
    Nirrimi, I have to say that these have always been my favorite posts from you <3
    it was what caught me the moment I found about you. I don't want to sound so cheesy but it's because of this kind of photos that I learned to open my eyes and truly see what is in front on me and see the beauty in every single moment. Thank you so much <3

  43. Josette

    You and G ARE like sisters…and I am the distant cousin who watches on…wishing she was a sister too. You beautiful girls with your beautiful words.

  44. Fergie M

    congratulations on your little families next stage i’m excited and eager to see the magic that you all will create.

  45. Tori Toguchi

    Absolutely gorgeous photographs! Especially of Alba in her flower outfit. :)

    As well as somewhat of Georgia and her family.

    Sorry to hear that you all got sick though and that sometime in the future you’ll have to leave the first home for the three of you. Traveling and experiencing is always an awesome thing (especially with amazing people) so I hope your time after will be terrificly awesome!

  46. jana

    some real super photos, great observation of surroundings, esp. the girl with two watermelons and those two kids holding hands – amazing!

  47. Savannah Daras

    my goodness, your blog posts and images always fill my heart with such happiness. you two capture the world so perfectly.

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