billabong european roadtrip, part four


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  3. Wish You Were Here

    For someone so young, you have a spirit many old ones yearn for.

    There’s just something so raw yet elegant about all your photos. I love your romantic view of the world. We’re blessed to have crossed paths with your work. Thank you for sharing and we look forward to more posts from you and your young family.

    Best wishes to you and your family!

  4. Grace

    your blog is so beautiful. i can’t stop going through all your posts. you truly have a gift, an eye, a way to capture everything that is beautiful right onto your lens. i love everything about your pictures~


  5. Lena

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! The whole website is great, i’ve never seen such great pictures, i adore them ♥
    like like like!

  6. Ann

    Oh my … I just LOVE your photos, I’m so glad that you’re back!

  7. flugvel

    These Photographs are just so honest, so raw. You are the kind of person all of these big corporations/labels should have shooting for them.

  8. amazngsaruz

    i’m italian! which italian cities have you visited? :)

  9. suze

    Amazing photos as always, the emotion in your photos is like none i’ve ever seen. I actually talked a bit about your work in a presentation i did for school, and there’s a book hanging around the house with a picture you shot on the cover :). Nirrimi everywhere (and i couldn’t agree more)! xx

  10. lina

    I love this, it is amazing! It really makes me want to travel around the whole world. And i love you guys hair!

  11. Steph

    Wow, these are just amazing! I love everything you’ve put up so far, and I have no idea why you think this post wouldn’t be well-liked because you’re amazingly talented! I agree with Ruby about these not being the usual Billabong style, however I also agree that when you hire a photographer you hire them for their style think it’s great that you have kept yours!

  12. Lexxie'

    Each photo has it’s story, witch is a wonderful thing.
    I love the ones on the beach.

  13. Mimi

    Oh shit!!! The best pictures for girl to get inspired!! loooooooooove!!!

  14. nirrimi

    @ruby i understand your thinking in that these don’t necessarily fit in with billabong’s image, you’re right. these are my own selects from the tens of thousands (no exaggeration there!) of images i took on the shoot. there were countless fun images too that they made their own selects from and used but these spoke the strongest to me.

    it is also my belief that a photographer should never change their style to suit a client, if they’re hiring you, they’re hiring you for a reason, they like your style & work. this is one of the biggest lessons i’ve learnt being in this industry. you can take onboard their essence but it shouldn’t make you you lose your sense of self in your art.

    to those who asked about equipment, i used a canon 5D mark II with an 85, 50 and 35.

    thank-you all for the kind words, it’s always funny when i think a post won’t be well-liked and it is. :)

  15. Riara

    I LOVE the first photo! The effects you get with natural light are incredible!

  16. ruby

    i always love your work nirrimi, however i feel that this is a bit too dark/dreary for billabong? i don’t know, billabong to me seems to be all about tan skin, smiling girls, happy pictures. a lot of these pictures the girls look less than happy, even a bit sickly, and the photos have a certain dark hue to them. of course there are many beautiful shots, but altogether i must say i am less than impressed with this shoot. looking back at your previous work, your past shots have so much more to them! i’m sorry, i know i’ve gone on a rant and my opinion doesn’t really matter, but i just wanted to say this. i’m not hating, i love your work nirrimi, i’m just a bit disappointed. hope to see more shoots and campaigns in the future. xx

  17. Jeannine

    I truly love how you keep your photography style and identity. i can look on any of these photographs and knw that nirrimi took it. or some photos i might see in magazines i might call it nirrimi-ish lol.

    truly inspiring and beautiful

  18. made-by-kate

    the way you take photos is marvelous. your photography takes my breath away. you’re genius!

  19. Julia

    Great work, you are one of the best young photographers I know, you capture human souls. To those, who ask about lens etc – it’s not about the equipment she has, she just feels and makes it visible.

  20. Zoe

    Looking at your photos are always so inspiring and I think these past few posts have been my favourite, I can’t wait to see the fifth edition

  21. Ina

    Amaazing! If I may, what lens did you use for this?

  22. Pitzeria

    thank you for your answer, nirrimi! I couldn’t find them on the actual site…

  23. nirrimi

    @pitzeria- they’ve already used them, it was the past season. online, instore and in catalogues :)

  24. monika

    Oh I love your photos! This is perfection!

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