billabong european roadtrip, part one


one hundred pictures from the billabong campaign, photographed on a roadtrip around europe. read about our adventure here.

styled by mandy from oraclefox
girls are jocelyn, lindsay and catherine

part one // part two // part three // part four // part five


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  1. sempat

    i liked your site very much.i love your simplicity

  2. Seb

    Aix en Provence… Why you didn’t call me, i could be your guide, so much place to take pictures ! :)
    Nice pics, i love them !


  3. Beau Cyphre

    If you captured the spirit of Europe in your pictures (and I hope you did), then Europe is a wonderful place to be. There are so many beautiful places on this planet, but your ‘billabong campaign’ lets me fall in love with all the places and the colors, the beauty you captured.
    I don’t know much about fashion photography and professional campaigns, but I know that I dislike most of the fashion campaigns in magazines. Yours is great because it’s natural; it looks like a real road trip, and maybe it was. However, this series of pictures feel like an adventure you’ll never forget. Thank you for sharing!

  4. The Papaya Diary

    I am so obsessed with these pictures. They are the most beautiful series of photographs i have ever seen. Im in awe.

  5. Justine

    i’m so jealous because youre pics are like a little miracle!
    it’s incredible how amazing every picture is!
    i wish i could be one of these girls!

  6. Emma

    This series of photographs is breath-takingly beautiful! You are so, so talented. The road trip looks incredible – such a fun shoot and such an awesome way to spend a summer. x

  7. Alex

    I believe that Europe is the perfect place for finding a special and specific type of freedom. I think you have captured that, and so this is why I like these photos and have felt compelled to comment. I lived in Europe for a year when I was 18. I feel that I have truly become a woman and have tapped some kind of inner spiritual strength since growing, birthing, nurtuting and raising my babies – in a parralel respect, living in Roma was a different, younger, more self-centred kind of that same growth. I do like the beauty, colour, and creativity of your photos, but what I like the most is your capturing of this sense of freedom, of which perhaps strength and beauty are by-products. Will be keeping my eye out for more of these photos :)

  8. Rhiannon

    You are such an amazing artist Nirrimi – honestly everytime I love how consistent you are, your storytelling is amazing. I found myself wondering about who the girls where, what else they’d been doing. Totally lost in the beauty.

  9. Steph

    You are such an amazing photographer! These are so beautiful – can’t wait to see the rest.

  10. Joseph

    As always, such beautiful work. You are amazing. Can’t wait to see more.

  11. irene

    thank you for sharing <3
    I think my favorite so far, is the street view, with the tree full of flowers and the girl walking over the line : )

  12. Alexandria

    I’m so happy to see you blog again. I love these pictures. They are so natural and the girls are so pretty too. You really capture the essence of youth and beauty in Europe that I’ve always heard about. I’m looking forward to parts 2-5!

  13. Zoe

    I love these, they’re stunning. I can’t wait to see more!

  14. Juliette

    Looks like italian trains! =) I used to spend hours and hours in there.
    The photos are beautiful and so are the girls.


  15. Philippa

    Great photos. It’s lovely to see that you and Mandy have worked together; she’s one of my favourite bloggers. :)


  16. emma

    Magnificent. Your work never ceases to amaze me. Looking at your photos is almost like being there myself looking right through your lens. Thank you for being an absolute genius. You continue to be one of my biggest inspirations.

    with love,

  17. Lisa

    oh my, I just read your “about me” and i must say it sounded soo wonderful, just like a fairytale. I wish i was that brave and free.

  18. Anete

    i love the atmosphere in each of your photo ! very nice and lovely

  19. Lexxie'

    These pictures are so amaizing. Two beautiful girl in Europe. What else can you ask for?
    I absolutely love your blog. Your little girl is so pretty!
    Have a nice day!

  20. victor

    These photos are so beautiful, Nirrimi! I’ve been waiting for them since February and today they finally came out, I’m so in love with them and just can’t wait for part 2! xx

  21. Han

    I found myself extremely jealous of these girls. Through your photos, their beauty, the simplicity and lightness of their life were animated. Too gorgeous, the girls, the places, and especially the overall encompassing of these photos.

  22. Adriana

    I just came back home after 8 months of living in France and traveling in Europe. These photos bring back good memories from when I was there. They’re fantastic! Can’t wait to see part two (and three and four and five!)

  23. Ida Marie

    Wow, the photos are stunning!
    It awakes all the wanderlust inside of me again *-*
    Can’t wait for the other parts to be posted!

  24. GC

    fantastic photos. love the lady in the famers market photo as well as of the girl smelling flowers.

  25. Kiki

    Every single photo looks so good.
    The first one is my favorite.

  26. Anze Osterman

    absolutely amazing!
    i cannot wait to see next part .. i feel really inspired right now.
    godspeed, Nirrimi.

  27. Melody

    Your photos are incredible, Nirrimi. Thank you for sharing these with us. You’re awesome.

  28. Camilla

    Can’t wait for the other parts. All of the pictures pretty much describe what would be my dream-trip! Love them!

  29. Roisin

    Just beautiful photo’s I can’t wait till all the others are up :)

  30. laura

    you’re my inspiration, absolutely amazing, someday I want to take pictures like you

  31. Mariah

    ah nirrimi
    ill wager you get a million compliments but I do totally dig the second from last, I like seeing you bust out of your whimsical side and show a cheeky nirrimi who isn’t afraid of controversy every now and again.
    Complete jealousy for your amazing talents.
    Big X little x

  32. Ada

    What a wonderful photographic adventure! These images (like most of your photographs) make me feel like I’m watching a documentary/drama program about young people. So beautiful and full of freedom and happiness.

    The very first picture is my absolute favourite! It just screams Europe to me. Where exactly was it shot? Feels like London?

    I also wanted to ask. What camera lens do you use or would recommend? I’m looking into treating my Canon to a new friend.

  33. Lauren

    Beautiful Work Nirrimi. I can’t believe you shot this in your first trimester. Incredible. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  34. Jessica

    Beautiful photos that all catch such moments; it looks like you really had fun whilst working hard on this trip. Thanks for sharing part one.

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