brooke fraser


here are a few photographs i took of the amazing brooke fraser for her newest album ‘flags’ and single ‘something in the water’ (which is now #3 on the australian charts!). we spent a few colourful days exploring l.a and shooting. we went on a road trip to joshua tree, listening to loud music on the way, windows down and eating cookies. when we arrived it was sunburnt desert as far as you could see and howling wind in naked branches.

every time i hear her on the radio i remember the way i felt those days, and i just want to melt back into them.


brooke fraser. styling/makeup by jules sebastian.


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  1. Eleanor Gates

    Hi there, what filter did you use for this set of pictures?

  2. Christine May Cerda

    I just love her since the day I found out about her!! She's really amazing,, so talented person i've ever known in my life!! I know I'm getting OA but for me she's someone to look up to… She's someone who can be your inspiration especially in spiritual aspect..I<3BROOKEFRASER!!!

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  4. Giugiz April 5, 2011

    I just met her at her concert in Milan.. she is so sweet and kind and I told her I got to know her thanks to you and this post on your blog :)


  5. ingredients of our sugar coated youth

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful. xx

  6. Antoinette

    Wow you are so so talented! These pics are absolutely fantastic. I am a huge Brooke Fraser fan!

  7. what-she-wears

    Beautiful photos.

    However, don't take this the wrong way, and I am coming from the perspective of actually wanting your images to look good, but I think you need to learn a bit about the other side of photography, which is print.

    Your photos always look good on screen, and I have often wondered how they replicate in print.

    I purchased the CD today; I was so excited about this collaboration and your captures of her are brilliant; however the outcome in print on the cover is basically a white floating face on a black background :( :( Such a let down!!

  8. Matilda

    Wow, you're really talented! First time I visit your blog, but I'm here to stay! Love how you play with the light, shadows and depth of field!

  9. Igor+andré

    WOW yeS! you Shot Brooke? that is awesome! 3 of my good friends are in her band on her flags tour! :) When are you coming to california again?
    you have to stop by next time :)

  10. Eva

    amazing shots! :) I love the first picture! I can only hope to get to this level! Love them! x

  11. Laurel

    I love your blog. I have an exam tomorrow, so I refuse to read it right now as undoubtedly I will become utterly immersed in it. From the quick glance I have had though, it oozes delightfulness.

  12. ponyhunter

    your photos are stunning! i think brooke's great, not only talented but also such a friendly, down to earth girl. something i really respect.

  13. tasha

    as ever, your photography is beyond amazing. your pictures are so much eye candy i can't stop looking over and over again! +brooke fraser is lovely. <3

  14. g

    wow, these photographs are amazing. in fact all of the ones on here are. they're so heartfelt and honest. i love them :)

  15. SimoneV

    Sigh, oh Nirrimi, how sad I am that I missed this post till now! Internet has failed me for a week and look waht I missed out on :(
    At least I am able to view it now! :)

    Love it. What a privilege for you.
    Very beautiful photos, you have captured brooke in a stunning essence. Love it.

  16. la mì

    Hi!I like your blog…my name's martina and I come from Italy…I would like you visit my fashion blog and if you like it…follow me!I wait you and your tips!^^

  17. Blackswan

    i remember seeing a little photo of you somewhere, but wasn't sure if it really WAS YOU! now i know! you are gorgeous, your face is beautiful. Great approach with Brooke Fraser's photos… it was nice to see you behind the scenes doing your thang! haha

    x Your Only Blackswan

  18. scenesaroundjackson

    well done Nirrimi, very very well done :)
    loved the behind the scenes video too :)

  19. Liza

    so gorgeous!
    the girl looks really beautiful!
    great job, Nirrimi!

  20. ashleywrightmusic

    I couldn't agree more! The way you photography young women is breathtaking. Your use of light is also brilliant. Brooke Fraser is an inspiration of mine and you have become one as well! Her new album photos look incredible and suit both her and the music perfectly. It is also so encouraging to know that you are making great success at such a young age. Sometime I feel like I'm just waiting until I get out of college to really get started, and I realize I can start making some great photographs now. I would love to get some pointers from you and and be informed about your camera and lenses. Hope to see more of your work!

  21. Teresa

    Ahhhh these are so beautiful. And I loved to get to see you. You look lovely! :)

    Keep up the marvellous work… I love it to bits.

  22. Little Miss Curious

    I love those photos! The light is amazing… ♥


  23. Kait Forest

    my god! you are so inspirational. you have come such a long way since i followed you on deviant art several years ago! i'm so happy for you, i hope all your dreams came true!
    i noticed on the video that you stood out more than the singer/model! your are stunning/ gorgeous, and there will be the biggest thing in years to come.
    i hope you write a book soon, about photography or even just a story, so i can buy it and keep it and show everyone who i admire.
    p.s. if you ever come to the US, you should, after visiting all the other big cities, visit the smallest biggest city- cincinnati, ohio. it's ugly but- you should so come here! i'd love to… see your pictures of this place lol

  24. *Liya*

    i dont know you and have never even met you, but I am so proud of you! i have been following your blog since pretty much its inception and what you have achieved so far is AMAZING! you are so talented and i'm so happy that you are doing what you love the most xx

  25. Hilary

    I bought her album yesterday…what a coincidence! These photos are some of my
    favourites of yours.

  26. impressionsforbreakfast

    absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos, as always! :) i love the way you play with the colours and light in your pictures
    xxx isabel

  27. Amanda

    this is absolutly beautiful! youve definitly got a new follower. omg

  28. xxoo Klara

    Oh wow. BROOKE FRASER styled by JULES SEBASTIAN, as in GUY SEBASTIAN'S WIFE??? Eeeee. This set is amazing. Wow wow wow.

  29. Roisin (Ro-Sheen)

    Oh I love Brooke Fraser, your photos are just amazing!
    Your laugh is so adorable :)

  30. æris

    Oh gooood you are so cute!!!! :3 By the way now that we are talking about you, how do you direct the models? any tips? becaue I'm a mess sometimes with that, you'd do me a great favor!

  31. Gracie

    oooh cool cool cool, and I love seeing the finished product too. I'll have to listen to her music some time.

  32. lamah.


    Brooke Fraser brings back memories from High School and this blog post combined with your amazing photographs totally made my morning. <3

  33. Second Wind photography

    I saw the preview, and I just couldn't wait to see the pictures. AS always, dear Nirrimi, they are magical. An amazing feeling give this pictures to me. So real, so non-real. Like dreams. Love them! love the model! and I looove the single!

  34. Maura

    Ah, Nirrimi, you were wearing a beautiful dress in the video. I loved it :)
    I'm so happy to read this post and so proud of you :)

  35. Mariangela

    Ohhh! I've been waiting for this ever since I read you were going to shoot her for Flags! AMAAAZING :)
    Both of you are adorable :)

  36. Sum

    Gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm so jealous you got to shoot Brooke Fraser! Love you two!

  37. Elli-chan

    wow, BEAUTIFUL pictures! i do REALLY adore them! especially pic no. 5, no. 8 and no. 9 <3

  38. Kristin

    these are stunning. and I'm so happy you got the california thunderhead clouds too!

  39. andrea

    all of these are so amazing, so beautiful! i love how cohesive they all are without being so matchy-matchy. i would say you are destined to go places with your photography, but i think you already are :)

    seriously, it makes me so happy to see someone so young and talented actually pursue their dream and passion and be so successful at it, all while being such an old soul and so professional.

  40. benjhaisch

    love it. love your work and love brooke's music.

    such a good combo.

  41. Jewel.

    Nirrimi, I have been following your work since the very start. I'm 18 aswell, from Brissy, have asian parents who refuse to support and believe in my photography or that I have a creative mind.
    I remember stumbling upon your Bebo page (in the good ol days before facebook) and just being in awe of your talent. You were and still is my inspiration. You are an amazing photographer.

    and you just became more amazing because you teamed up with Brookey! I've done countless of music assessments on her. and she is easily my favorite musician. The combination of both of you = an explosion of talent.

    Keep going. Keep following your dreams, whatever that may be (having kids when you're young, writing). Hopefully one day, I'll have enough guts to.

  42. Iris

    It's like you've reached and brushed up with a star. I'm proud you're going a long way like this. 😉 Hope you don't change. Love the photos as always!

  43. Ananda Chitra

    Omg. I saw her for the first time on this TV show last night.
    And I'm straightaway a fan. It's bizarre how things are all related.

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