los angeles, part two

pictures from the last few days of our recent trip to LA.

zelda heartbroken, loving alba, skin scribbles and my last night as a teenager.


September 2012

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  3. Gabrielle

    Hiya- I’ve been looking around on your blog for a while and it’s amazing. I’ve never felt so inspired to get myself out there. Your photography is so beautiful and I can see/feel the emotions when looking at your photographs. Each one tells a story. Hope you’re well.

  4. Christina Prince

    WoW! Your photographs are over whelming in the the most beautiful way. Its so been so long since I’ve seen anything so poetic and generous! Thank-you.

  5. indie belle

    i´m so very glad i´ve found your blog! (through flickr). your work is amazing!! and you have such an adorable baby :) these photos made me smile.
    i especially love the last one, it´s one of the most beautiful photos i´ve seen lately.

    stella xo

  6. Ire

    These are some beautiful pictures. I love them.
    I follow you, I really liked your blog.

  7. Lau

    wowwwww great pictures! Beautiful!!!!
    Kisses from Argentina!
    lau, bulubu.blogspot.com

  8. Misha

    There’s so much love present in these photos, I’m about to explode in overwhelmedness! Wow!

  9. Melissa

    These pictures are breathtaking. The shower shots with the baby are my favorites, by far. Outstanding work.

    <3 Melissa

  10. a.

    These photos are so touching! I love the elventh photo – alba looks so cute there.))

  11. Meg O

    Yet again, your images leave me breathless. You two possess a crazy amount of talent. Thank you for continuing to inspire me.

  12. Meg O

    Your photos leave me breathless, yet again. You possess a crazy amount photographical of style and grace.
    Thank you so much for sharing –
    you inspire me greatly.

  13. clara

    It’s a bit annoying that all your photos revolve around your baby and nothing much else… Your photography used to be more diverse and interesting .

  14. Sonja

    I dont know how to put exactly what I mean but Alba is one of the wisest looking babies I have ever seen. She looks like a beautiful old soul :).

  15. Karen T

    I read this as I sit with my beautiful son nuzzling and guzzling at my bosom… So precious and I love the pic of Alba’s little hand near your nipple.. Or her nipple 😉 Thank you for sharing!

  16. Kathi

    I love your blog so much. It’s amazing to see the experiences you share with us.
    Furthermore I’m sooo fascinated of your life story.
    And Alba is the cutest baby i’ve ever seen.

  17. Sophie

    holy hell and godddang woman! I can’t believe you are a freshly turned 20 and have achieved so much. That’s just crazy talk! I’m a new-found-follower and love seeing your images, but also reading your words and hearing your stories. I’m a similiar age so its interesting to hear such a different story to that of my own – and not just different in the typical i’m-a-famous-and-successful-(insert career here)-yet-im-so-young-and-have-an-unconventional-start-in-the-industry-kind-of-way you are also a mum and have a crazy ass love story (the kind that so many people desire to have but are never lucky enough to be given) to back it all up! Congrats on it all and I’m excited to see where else your story leads you (and thus us).

  18. ji yu-jeong

    I’m your korean fan!!
    I like your photos it’s very wonderful,and so beautiful!

  19. Ari

    Hello :) Could you tell me what camera you use, please! Brand and model…I LOVE your photos. They’re very inspiring! I’m thinking of buying a camera and I would love to have yours! Thanks :)

  20. Taylor

    She is one of the most photogenic, gorgeous, fabulous and lucky babies I have ever seen. She is so lucky to have you and M as parents, and you two are so lucky to have such a wonderful child like her.

  21. Nara Menezes

    I don’t know how to explain it, but every little time I get into your website and see this photos, my heart gets full of love! There’s so much sensibility in here, it makes me want to be a better person. I almost don’t believe in the beauty of the story of your life. Wish you and your beautiful family all the best things in life!
    xx from Brazil!

  22. Holly

    When babies examine their own hands, so deeply and truly, it’s like seeing the world’s possibilities unfold before them.

  23. Angelo K

    The last photo is so beautiful it brought me to tears. Beautiful mother, beautiful child, against a beautiful city. Pure poetry.

  24. Nina

    I love the way these photographs make me smile and feel like being a part of your journey. You’re an amazing young woman and i love to follow you through your beautiful world.
    Loads of love.

  25. Elena

    I just about died when I saw Alba in the little rabbit-towel…. took me right back to the days when I got to be an elephant after every bathtime. Now they never make them big enough…. but beautiful photos, as always

  26. Rikke

    That is just some of the most beautifulpictures I have ever seen!
    REALLY good job, you’re really great!

  27. Kasey

    Your little girl is so gorgeous. And it looks like she might have strawberry blonde hair?! Perfect :)

  28. Grace

    your pictures are absolutely beautiful. you have a gorgeous family and your LA pictures are just stunning~


  29. Alina Deja

    These pictures are just breath-taking! I can’t describe it, I am so impressed by these! Great work, it’s simply amazing!

    A lot of love from Spain ♥

  30. Sacha

    I’m speechless with your photos. they are amazing, i love how the way you took them. There is no word to describe, the photos can tell.

  31. Sisilia Piring

    Oh, these are so lovely Nirrimi.

    It was so wonderful to meet you, Matt, and little Alba while you were here.

    Can’t wait to see the photos you took of Oliver and me. Thank you for taking our photos.

    Much love to you. Big dinasours hugs.

  32. alisa

    oh! i just love your blog! so amazing photos and your family is just perfect!! can i ask a question: where are you from? i mean you are like classic beautiful and the freckles are cute :) oh would like have them too! I’m so happy for that i found finally a good blog!! :)
    alisa, finland

  33. Katrina

    I am always so touched to see your photographs of your beautiful little family. Thank you so much for sharing.

  34. Mária

    You are amazing, all of you. I love how you, Nirrimi are laughing in these photos, you don’t usually do it in pictures, but you look lovely :) And Alba is growing and growing. Aw! You pictures are natural and filled with honesty and life.
    – M.

  35. Simone

    These photos are just amazing, you are an example of a perfect little family.
    Love from Denmark.

  36. nastya

    my favourite photo photo is the last one. I love your dress, your hair, alba looking at the skyline and the graininess. you and alba in the bath mimicking each other also made me smile. thanks for sharing the love <3

  37. Irina

    She is so beautiful! All your pictures are full of magic and I really, really LOVE your blog, your photos, your stories, your words. There is no other blog I enjoy that much to read it :) Thank you for that and please go on!
    I am about the same age like you but at a very different point of life. It makes me think a lot when I read about yours, or about parts of yours. Do you know the thought ‘I could be her’? It’s not that I want my life to be different, but within your stories I realize how much different it could be. I’m very happy with how it is, but I see how happy you (and your family) are in yours and it makes me perusing for more. That’s a good thing!
    Really: thank you :)

  38. Jo

    These photos are magical, so glad I found your blog.. your photography blows my mind :)

    Jo. x

  39. Charlotte

    Beautiful photos, possibly my most favourite set. I cannot imagine how wonderful it must be to have precious Alba in your life, you make motherhood look so wonderful and fun, and most importantly something to look forward to. Did you know how beautiful your girl is? Haha, of course you did, just to say it again, she’s like an ethereal Pre-Raphaelite beauty waiting to happen. You too are very beautiful Nirrimi, and Matt handsome. You are all such a lovely family, and I’m loving following your journey through life.

  40. Saana

    How amazing photos! I just love them… I know you have probably answered thousands of times this question in your blog, but which camera and which lenses you are using?

  41. Emma

    These photos are magical, you can see the love radiating between your beautiful little family. Alba is truly beautiful, such a cherub of a baby! x

  42. Rainbow

    your photos and life story are just amazing!! I can feel so much emotions and love in your work. I really love your blog.

  43. Kim

    These portraits are so beautiful, and have such a magical intimacy about them. Love!

  44. EOU

    In the first photo, she looks like an angel. Everything else going down is just so beautiful. Beautiful family. this is the love a family!

  45. Lexxie'

    You’re so beautiful! And Alma is the most beautiful baby i’ve ever saw. (i know you maybe heard this thousand times)
    Lovely photos! They actually transmit a story. xx

  46. Alissa

    while reading your blog it’s always like being in a dream, everything seems so beautiful and pure and natural. I just love it, you’re a great photographer and I’m always happy to see a new post from you :)
    <3 from germany

  47. Ilja

    Wow, the last photo is just stunning. I really love looking at your pictures, they are so peaceful and serene.

  48. TheChatoum

    Everything seems so beautiful in your world… You & your beautiful family offer magic instants of life. It’s like a dream, so, thanks to share it with us!

  49. Asta

    oh my gosh! these pictures are gorgeous and intense. i feel so inspired when i look at your photos. thank you so much!

  50. June

    I can’t believe such pictures are even real life.
    Pure magic.
    The one with Alba sitting on the bed looking at the photographer made my heart jump.

  51. Joanna

    These photographs document your life so beautifully; there is so much happiness and even the sad things are beautiful. Do you never experience the ugly, mundane and torturous part of human life? I love seeing your passion for life and the product of it, both in your photos and little Alba :) The last photograph is especially stunning and magical!

  52. Ada

    Alba never fails to catch my heart. I can never get over how beautiful she is. So young yet she looks so grown up. There is a certain sadness to her look which I see in your face as well and I don’t know what it is but it makes both of you look so stunning.
    I hope your 20th birthday was filled with love and happiness which you certainly deserve.

  53. Pink0901

    Your life, your lovely family and your photos are so inspiring, beautiful photos as always and that’s all the thing I can say ♥

  54. jeannine

    i woke up today 2am, to study :(, and i thought to myself, wouldnt it be nice to see a new blogpost. LOL and i did!!! it totally made my day. Your life is so beautiful and it inspires to me so much, and you capture and it, share it with us all around the world. <3 <3 from JAMAICA

  55. Mippe

    Thank you for a beautiful blog with inspirational and breathtaking photos! I cannot get enough of your stunning photos, they are so full of love.

  56. Tori Toguchi

    The walking on the road looks quite hot! Although, I have no idea what LA is like so I could be wrong. Walking home every day is warm for me but I live in Hawaii and we have humidity, so it’s different.

    The emotion caught with Zelda Heartbroken is sad, not sarcastically but the emotion you were able to catch.

    Your daughter, like always, is quite beautiful and adorable! I love all the pictures of her in it and I love both shower shots with you and Matt and Alba. Plus the one in the tub!

    All the pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  57. a work in progress

    my…but she is the most gorgeous child…
    and you are a very beautiful woman Ms Nirrimi

    Once again a stunning set of images
    I love the feelings evoked by your art…so…thank you x

  58. mimi

    my goodness, you have one of the most beautiful, sweet little babies i have ever seen. my heart yearns for babies when i look at these photos!
    your photos just evoke feelings of total calmness and contentment. so beautiful. x

  59. Ilsie

    I am loving this new post, all the imagery is beyond amazing! Every single one of them radiates with love and inspiration! Thank you for sharing. :)

  60. Alicia

    You are such a beautiful family. These photos just emanate the purest love. <3 <3 Alba is just the most beautiful baby ever, too!

  61. Meg

    This is an amazing blog. Your story is so inspiring, your life so wonderful, and your photographs utterly breathtaking. They’re very moving in their purity. I feel privileged to be peeking into your world from my corner of the planet. :)
    I’ll be following your adventures from now on!

  62. Georgia

    zelda heartbroken made my heart ache. you have such a way with images. sigh, i am the luckiest to be your friend. i cannot wait to have that smooshy baby at my house to love on.

  63. kimi

    your photos leave me breathless. you have captured so beautifully the love you have for little alba. it is an absolute joy and privilege to be a part of it. thank you <3

  64. lindsey louise

    when i first found your blog, i went through and read the entire thing. your writing, photographs, and beliefs touched me. this is wonderful and please keep up the amazing, touching posts.

    lindsey louise


  65. Caitlin

    That photo with Alba sitting on the bed is fabulous <3 Kinda looks like shes pulling a model-face haha (wouldn't surprise me if she learnt to pose so early, I bet you take enough photos of her! haha.) And the one with her copying you in the bath, argh, so cute. You looks so happy! It's lovely. I hope you continue to be so.

  66. Lis

    These las few pictures are the sweetest, more touching images I’ve had the honor to see in a long long time (if not ever).
    You should be ever-aware of how many hearts and souls you’re able to fill with life just by living and sharing parts of you with the world.
    You are joy, indeed. Thank you.

  67. Cierra

    Lovely, as always. SO inspiring. And… You know… Little Alba knows EXACTLY how stunning she is. She knows what that camera’s for and “innocently” and “candidly” poses for it. All an act, I say! The little ham. =]

  68. J

    nirrimi, these photos are by far the best you’ve ever posted. the love you have for your family & friends, and the love they have for you can be seen in every single photo. what a beautiful life you, matt and alba have! this post was truly inspiring and all the best for the future to you and your beautiful family (:

  69. Jacqueline

    You’ve heard it a thousand times, but these photos are simply breath-taking. Just looking at them gives me a sense of peace and healing. Thank you and keep inspiring us! Love from Canada. <3

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