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I took these images in Perth of my (almost) sister Ashlin and her best friend Ella. I first saw Ella 3 years ago while picking Ashlin up from school. I asked Ashlin if she could become her friend so I could photograph her and Ashlin said “maybe…” in that shy way she does. I remember she was holding my hand and we were so proud to have each other.

The second time I saw Ella was when I went to watch Ashlin in her ballet recital. Ella was like a star exploding in the dark theatre.

The next day we were eating ice cream together at the beach, running in shallow water and taking pictures.

  1. Thomas

    wow this album is so awesome and stunning beautiful the camera really loves those two beautiful girls

  2. Monika P

    Hillarys Boat Harbour????? My home :) that girl is absolutely gorgeous ..

  3. nahomi

    awesome pictures !
    i really really liked them [:
    so she isnt related to you ?
    great job on your blog though i always like it

  4. Kasia

    I am so happy I came across this blog. It’s so enchanting and beautiful.
    You have such a great talent. I’m so glad to see you don’t put it on a waste. Please keep up the good work.
    Also, the girl on the sofa looks like little Amanda Seyfried a little.

  5. CJ

    WOW.. Simply beautiful.. Just found your blog.. You are an interesting person and a wonderful talent

  6. leah

    hey nirrimi, i noticed the color shop isnt working at the moment – is it going to come back? i hope so!!

  7. Adam Rowney

    I absolutely love the image with the hair all tangled up in the bush, it’s such an amazing shot. You have such a beautiful way of capturing people. You’re such an amazing person, you just connect with people so well. You are a physical manifestation of what is right with humanity <3

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Somewhere along the way this blog stopped being primarily about my fashion photography work and began focusing on our lives. It became a diary, or moreso a chronicle of our adventures. I can’t think of any better way to affect people than by being personal and real. But lately my blog doesn’t feel personal or real enough to me. It should have all the color and chaos of a real diary, but it feels like I’m following a formula.

I am guarded with my words, because I’ve suffered for being open and honest. I talk mostly of things I find beautiful, because this is what I thought people wanted to hear. I stick to topics I think my followers will enjoy. In other words, I’m not writing for myself and that is where the warmth trickles out little by little.

So here’s my new year resolution. I am going to write this blog from the deepest, bloodiest part of my heart and if you don’t like it, that’s okay. The internet is a big place, with many other voices telling stories you might like to listen to instead.

Thank you for spending time in my world.


  1. Jade McCarthy

    Your writing is effortless, your photos are breathtaking and your life is exciting, full of adventure and culture. I found you on here minutes ago and already I am inspired by your words. You have definitely got a new follower and I thank you so much for your beautiful blog.

    Jade x

  2. Jade McCarthy

    I have within the last few minutes discovered you’re blog and you have left me speechless. Your writing is stunning and your photos are breath taking. Everything about your blog seems so pure and real, you have most definitely got a new follower and also inspired another person. Thank you so much.

    Jade x

  3. john

    I love your baby


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  4. Hayley

    I’ve been a fan of yours ever since the days when you photographed Elise in your Grandmother’s house and used $50 hardware lamps. In a sense, I’ve watched you grow up, and we’re the same age incidentally. You inspired me to start writing again, and although I can only dream of having your talent – you drive me. I adore you so much. (You’re also the same person who got me into photography and capturing life through a lens.) Thank you. Thank you so much – for I am grateful for you sharing your talents.
    - Hayley.
    P.S I am in love with your newest novel, about Cobra Summer.

  5. Olivia

    you inspire me…

    like you said in a previous post, I wish we could be friends so I could photograph you :)

  6. Julia.B

    J’aime profondément ce qui se dégage de votre blog, plus encore des photographies qui sont superbes et magiques…. c’est magnifique, magnifique!

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