Young Love II






“tonight i am alone
curling into myself to disappear
a flower before spring
so tightly bound and
impossible to open
but the sun comes and i do
arms spread wide to all there is
exposed and unafraid
with love enough for all of us
before the dark comes again”

Lovers: Sam + Brad

  1. E

    Beautiful, I would love to see these printed large size on paper and hung up in an exhibition! I think then they would be even more absorbing xx

  2. Chloe

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    Beautiful pictures
    Love the words too..
    lovely lovely post

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Young Love I






IMG_5209 2





“In the middle of the night I am still wide awake because it takes a long time to memorise the sound of your breathing, the shape of your body and the feeling of your warm hand in mine. Soon you will be gone and these souvenir memories will be all I have left of you to hold. You will forget how my voice sounds, the jokes we laughed at until we cried and the way my tooth pokes out when I smile, but I will never forget you.”

Lovers: Lorelle + Jake

Filters: Dust + Velvia + Rosebud


    These photographs are so beautiful. They are a story in itself. The feelings and emotions are pouring out of these pictures. Beautifully captured and are so mesmerizing. <3 <3 <3 :)

  2. James.Rock

    Sensuous, empathetic, an unseen observer of the emotional attachment between two individuals. So reminds me of my own loves past, and makes me yearn for my next… Beautiful images!

  3. chi

    These photos capture such warm and gentle feelings of couple. I love them so much. Thanks Nirrimi, for expressing pureness of intimacy

  4. Alice D.

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    Merci beaucoup, c’est magnifique.

  5. kitty

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    Sensible, beautiful and so sweat!
    Now, I dream about the same with two girls or two boys in love. :)

  6. Irina

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    So immensely beautiful

  7. Marvin

    I’m sad because I will never experience this kind of love.

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