diesel – be stupid – day two

lingerie, day two of the diesel fall/winter campaign shoot.

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diesel – be stupid – day one

the first day of my first ever campaign. diesel fall/winter.

  1. Steelerad

    The bearface committing “camera suicide” is dope as homie!

  2. Nirrimi | The Raw Book

    […] 2010, you shot the Be Stupid campaign for Diesel in New York which was banned from poster advertisements in the UK. How did you react to […]

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  5. Lady Gabby

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  6. Giugiz

    Great pics Nirrimi, I hope this is the first of a loooooooooooot!
    Diesel is italian, so I hope to see them soon around my city :)
    I'll promise I'll take some pics for you!
    Are you back in Australia?

  7. jespernordstroem

    OMG! Really nice pictures you've taken!!

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