The Storm that Chased the Sun Away



I took some portraits with Ajier yesterday. One minute the sun was bright and the sky was blue, and the next lightning was piercing the sky and puddles were forming at our feet. I had no umbrella but I shot through the rain for as long as I could before huddling inside a little cave. It was Ajier, Jo (who was assisting) and me, and with nothing manmade in sight I imagined we were living in ancient times. We watched the rain beat on the cliffs and the grey sky light up. I felt like I could have stayed in that little cave watching the storm for hours.

Edited with Dust.






  1. Toni

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. Hey I thought you’d like to see this if you’d forgotten about it. You were really cute! Lol post those on your blog, it could be like a memory lane or awkward teen years feature (:

  2. Katia

    Wow – the rain added such a touch of magic to these! That’ll be a lovely memory to keep of this shoot too.

  3. ellie

    The second to last one! DANG it looks like she’s walking on water, amazing.
    p.s. I love how often you’re posting at the moment, it’s grand xx

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Fairylight Nights



I stay with all kinds of people when I travel. This trip in Sydney I am staying a few nights with a fellow lilac-haired photographer named Rachela, she invited me along to watch her friend’s play at the Oxford Art Factory and then everyone came back to her fairylit home. I stayed up until sunrise editing.

I often find myself being just the quiet girl with the camera and last night I didn’t mind a bit.













  1. A Year Ends – the road is home

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    […] Everyone goes on to Rachela’s after and the house is full of smoke, music and dancing. I live through my camera because it’s the only way I can belong. At one point I sit in the hallway with the keyboardist from the band who confesses she wants a child so much it hurts. I see my past self and in some ways it frightens me. I disappear from the party and stay awake until sunrise editing the photos I’ve taken. […]

  2. Comment Faire Pousser Les Cheveux

    Cependant, elle est le plus souvent spontanément résolutive automotive dans l’immense
    majorité des cas, elle est accompagnée d’une repousse
    de jeunes cheveux qui prendront progressivement la place de ceux qui sont tombés.

  3. Laura

    I once met a girl who I immediately felt could be a new friend. We went longboarding one day and the next she invited me and my boyfriend to a garden party she was having.
    The environment reminded me of this, and for me it was really uncomfortable. Everyone was just talking about drugs – everything from mushrooms to kokain. Most guest were pierced everywhere, girls were making out with girls – peoples hair was chopped of here and there and colored like the rainbow.
    This is such an extreme environment that I felt she didn’t really think about who I was before she invited me. I actually have a hard time around people who only express themselves through their appearance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hippie or if you’re a snobby fashionista. Putting all that time on your appearance often results on not putting as much time into understanding your values. That’s just some thoughts I’ve had… but I understand if a lot of people don’t feel the same way. We’re all different.

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