February, 2013



It’s Februrary and Alba is finding her voice. It is sweet and commanding. It reminds me that she is not a little baby any more. We are living with Georgia’s family and making our new house home. Our bed faces the windows so the sun can shine on our bodies. Alba follows the children on all fours like a puppy dog and cries at the door when they leave.

 I spend the afternoons making dinner for everyone in the house and many mornings baking or making nut milks, raw desserts or drying fruit. I give Alba a wooden spoon to stir granola and she squeals with delight and the granola is everywhere.

 Most days I feel like I have too many responsibilities and too little time. I work while Alba is in the garden with Papa or during her morning nap. I know I could be more productive during the day but it would mean not being present enough for her. So I’m not doing as many photoshoots as I used to and the dishes are piling up but we are living and loving as a family every single day.

 Nights can be hard. It’s not always easy to abruptly stop in the middle of answering an email, cooking or editing a series of images to be Mama again. Sometimes when she wakes up and cries my heart sinks and as she feeds (sleepy and safe in my arms) I feel chained. For a while I even tried night weaning.

 It’s easy to forget what is most important in my life. Not those emails, dinners or images, but my family. I’m discovering how to appreciate what I have in each moment, not mourn what I don’t. So last night as I was working on our online store I heard a cry and slipped into our dark, warm bedroom. I curled my girl’s body so her chubby legs were against my belly and I was grateful that she needed me. One day soon she won’t need these night feeds any longer.

 The garden is growing wilder and wilder as the days pass. Alba explores it on all fours or walking with her little hands in ours. A lady bug makes its way across her arm and she holds an earthworm in her open palm. She digs at the surface of the earth with a plastic spade and plants sunflower seeds. She is only small but she is already creating life.

 Me and M are almost always together, it’s the way it’s been since we first met. If we’re ever apart we take time to brief the other on every conversation, thought and event that happened in the other’s absence  We joke that this lets our minds merge back into one again.

 Some day it will be Alba’s turn to fill us in and we will listen eagerly. Right now I can’t imagine ever hearing her talk back to us, but I know the time is coming and I am impatient. I bet her mind is filled with magic. Just imagine the moment you looked in a mirror and understood for the first time that the reflection was you. Imagine being in a world where everything is new and unknown. Babies can teach us so much about ourselves if we just see life through their eyes.

















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  5. Tam

    Deeply moved and inspired by your work. Alba is absolutely divine. Love

  6. Marie

    This post reminds me of my son when he was as young as your daughter. It’s true- one day your girl won’t need you as much, as you will miss those special moments shared between the both of you. The nightly feeds and attention that your daughter crave and need will be soon gone one day. Till then, stay strong and know that your family loves you and needs you in their lives. Btw your daughter is beautiful and so full-of-life. Seems like she loves Mother Earth a lot. :)


  7. Vanessa

    I love this post so much! Your writing, as always, is so beautiful and thoughtful. And your relationships with both M and Alba, are admirable. I can imagine Alba reading this one day when she is older, and tearing up when she learns the way you observed her, and loved her, so deeply when she was an infant… it’s incredible.

  8. Lavona Lewis

    you can contact me on facebook, just search my name. my pic is my daughter in a huge pile of leaves :)

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Alba is One














And though I would have never thought it possible, I love her more on this day than the day she was born.

(Birthday cake recipe adapted from My New Roots. Birthday crown by Papa from flowers in our street.)

  1. Alba

    I am 25 years old and I am also called Alba, my birthday is also the 29th January. Your words are like the words arelike that of my own mother. Your photos and your message really touched me. I hope all the best for your little Alba and hope she has the adventures that I am having and that she becomes your best friend just like me and my mother are.

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  3. Miranda

    Hello! Like everybody else I absolutely love your blog. But I just want to say that the birthdaycakelink do not work anymore. And I really want to try to make one. Is there possibly any chans that you could find the recipe again and give it to me? Many hugs
    Miranda from Sweden

  4. stefanie

    happy birthday, alba! i hope you all had a wonderful day and that when she is old enough, she will understand the love that everyone around her has for her, and your family.

  5. Sarina

    Oh my goodness that card was the most beautiful thing i’ve read. Happy birthday Alba, amazing as always xx

  6. Hannah Hewland

    Oh! I so love your photos, your precious little family, and your deep inspiring words :) Your little family reminds me so much of my own, only perhaps a tad freer as our own Papa gets a bit caught in the practicalities. But there is a core enegy in your photos that is familiar to me in another way as well. I was born in South Africa, and although my parents left before I turned two, that wild, courageous and creative energy has shaped my existence. Somehow it resonates here in your photos and is reflected back, so thank you :)

  7. Karine Mazloumian

    Your poetry is so photogenic. Or is it your photography that is so poetic ? Beautiful atmosphere on your site, we share your sweet sweet world. Happy Birthday to your beloved Alba, very touching is the letter too. Thanks ~ *

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