Ending another Summer in Indonesia

















 Read the adventure.


February 2013

55 love notes for “Ending another Summer in Indonesia”

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  2. Synne

    your blog made me believe in the beauty of life again. thank you.

  3. mary

    That one with Alba in the bed and curtain hanging reminds me a lot of Sally Mann…
    The place looks incredible, full of magic and mystery… Thanks for sharing, love to all the beautiful family.

  4. Oona

    Hello, I was wondering what kind of camera and lenses you generally use to take your astonishingly beautiful pictures? Love from Finland

  5. Johanna

    You’re fotos are absolutely amazing and so beautiful!
    I fell in love with your blog and can’t stop looking around ♥
    Such an inspiration.

  6. Anni

    I just wanted to say thank you. You are a huge inspiration to me and your pictures are always so so so so beautiful. I really admire your work. Wish you the best! Hugs from Sweden.

  7. Olivia

    Love your photos. They are simply beautiful.


  8. nekolove

    we took our son to Indonesia when he was about Alba’s age and these photos remind me so much of that special trip. just beautiful

  9. lfiorelina

    Dear (whats your name?)
    I LOVE your blog and just today discovered your interesting adventure. Your life seems to be so beautifully interesting! I hope everything goes perfectly well for you!

  10. marcinrobert

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  11. morgan snarr

    i adore your blog… just saw it for the first time today. your little girl reminds me of my lttle son, ari, who is 6months old. if you are ever near new mexico, feel free to contact me. i am very inspired by your work… so beautiful!
    i wish you and your family well.
    —morgan snarr

  12. Sophie

    Your little girl is growing so fast !!! Love her little strawberry head. Where is that coming from? :)
    Love from Berlin ♥

  13. Laura

    Dear Nirrimi,
    It seems to me as Alba had always been in your life, I was your admirer already long before the birth of Alba, but I assure you that now it seems to me that Alba had always been in your life. This is not simple to explain with my bad english, but I think you understand what I mean

  14. creando

    Såååå, så vackra foto! Älskar verkligen flera av dem….och kanske fastnar jag lite extra i den sista. Kanske…just nu…. Så fint!


  15. alisa

    awesome!! and i would like to ask that what do you do for a living? are you a photographer, or…? :-)

  16. VictorM

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  17. Jennifer Anne

    Ah! How wondrously beautiful to read, see, and be reminded to walk in beauty.
    Endless gratitude

  18. Holly

    The photo of the girls kissing (taken from above) made me speechless. So absolutely breathtaking. Indonesia sure is lovely. Thank you for sharing so much beauty.

  19. kimberley

    wonderful. I can see love oozing from these images. after all, you do not photograph with your eyes, you photograph with your heart x p.s. your hair looks lovely!

  20. Andrea

    You inspire me, Nirrimi. Matt and you remind me of an adult version of me and my lover. You are sweet, gentle and I can tell you are so shy, but your photos are story-tellers, they don’t need words. They are pure, like you give us our heart.
    Alba is so grown up and she’s beautiful, you must be very proud.
    I know sometimes doubts overcome you and makes you feel little but I know Matt will help you through, and we will be always willing to listen or look at your stories.

  21. Kasia

    You inspire me to take more photos and even save for a better camera. I simply love everything you do with your life.

  22. Cristina

    Lovely tale, Nirrini. How true and onest you are, it touches my heart. Love and care sparkling all around your lovely family..

  23. Marizabeth

    Your photographs are like portals into the soft, iridescent wonder of your world & the simplistic & lovely bond of your family. I love viewing these visual journals of yours, thank you for sharing!

  24. Nat

    so calm yet bright, each post inspires and delights Nirrimi, can’t wait to hear more about your workshop

    wander bug.com

  25. julia

    hi, do you live in Australia? Do you need au pair? there is one cheery Finland girl who need host family in Australia :) put me e-mail if you want know more or put message if you know some of your friends need :) thanks!

  26. Gilina

    Hi dear, Im from Indonesia and really like your blog.These are pictures looks so beautiful and adorable! kisses

  27. Evelina

    I absolutely love your photos. Thank you for sharing.:-) Just beautiful…

  28. Georgia

    Nirrimi & M, your photos are divine. I was in Bali the same time as you both and I secretly hoped I could have spotted you both and Alba roaming around Ubud but it wasn’t to be :)
    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, you both deserve it.

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